Our new boat Bounty arrived on the island at the start of the summer 2016, being built and fitted out by 'Cheetah Marine' in Ventnor on the isle of wight.  We crossed the channel on the boat and from then on we realised that it was great for us.  She takes the sea in a way like no other boat does, no wave, swell or wind seemed to bother the handling which was perfect for the unpredictable weather in the channel islands.  The twin big block 2.1 litre mariner outboard engines thrust us along at a top speed of 26 knots allowing us to get to the fishing grounds faster and get the catch back to port in less time.  These engines are also a lean burn engine, reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing our ethical way of catching shellfish. 

Once the boat was here the start if the big push to get all the fishing gear out at sea and working started.  We had 200 brand new pots made in the uk and also brought 100 second hand pots from other fisherman on the island.  These pots are placed on strings of 10-18 pots depending on the size of them, placed at intervals along a back line which lays on the sea bead, these are joined at each end with a bouy line marking the ends of the string.  The strings are being taken out one at a time, so the more we get out then the more we will start to catch. 


stay tuned for the next update!!